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The Benefits of the Insurance Company of Macon Farm Insurance

Security and Peace of Mind

We have a business that started in 1894. And we plan on sticking around for another 100 years or so. We've protected our client's farms and homes for longer than most companies have existed. That shows how stable a company we are, and how you can rely on us. We are backed by powerful reinsurance companies as well, this means even our policies are insured by an even larger fund. So there is a doubly good reason to rest assured that your finacial security is in good hands. 

Home Town Service

You're not just a number to us you're our neighbor. We are a small company in Macon Missouri, not far from you. When you make a claim or have a question you won't be talking to an uninformed kid who has no authority and no knowledge of how to answer your questions. We can get you in touch with the staff member who is directly handling your case. That also means if we need to visit your property we will get there fast and we understand you and how you live. It's a refreshing way to do business, rather than just being a small fish in a big corporate pond. 

Flexible Coverage of Special Items

Do you have something unique that you want coverage for like total roof replacement cost, refrigerated goods, or collectibles? Or some piece of equipment on the farm? We can cover cab glass, combine machinery from field damage, and more. We've seen it all and usually, we can cover it unless it comes under another form of insurance like automotive. So if you need an insurance company that is willing to think outside of the corporate "one size fits all" policy talk to us. 

Fair Quick Claims

We don't have a vast bureaucracy of lawyers and pencil pushers who are trying just to delay your claim. We are a small company with fair policies that we apply consistently and quickly. We know what it's like to need your claim handled quickly. It's your farm or home on the line, so you can count on us to be there for you in your time of need. 

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