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Our History

Early beginnings to present strength

On October 9, 1894, a group of local farmers met for the purpose of adopting a constitution and bylaws to organize a fire insurance company, choosing the name Farmers Fire and Lightning Mutual Insurance Company of Macon County, MO.  After getting $50,000 of insurance in force to complete the requirements of chartering, the company began issuing policies on May 15, 1895; the company’s first annual meeting was held on November 16, 1895.

At about the same time the Fire Company was getting started, on June 10, 1899, thirteen farmers organized the Farmers Mutual Cyclone, Tornado, and Windstorm Insurance Company of the First Congressional District of Missouri.  

Years later, in November 1954, the boards of the two companies met to consider a cooperative policy, and on February 2, 1957, the fire and wind companies merged, retaining the directors of both companies.  Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Macon was born. Over the years our name and locations have changed, but our commitment to our customers has always remained:  “Service, Security, and Dependability.” We proudly serve our customers with more than 35 different writing agencies in over 20 counties.

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